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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Sovereign, Eve of Easter part 2

Read: Matthew 26-28

Imagine, as you read today's text, the power of God working in all that takes place. When Judas is caught up in sin, it is about the victory of Jesus. When the priests and the governors are wicked (if they have any backbone at all), God has still placed them in power. When Peter denies Jesus, it is because God has allowed it. Marvel for a moment at the incredible sovereignty of the Living God.

Jesus was no victim of circumstance, caught up and taken to His death against His will by His enemies. He was, and is, the King. Everything that He went through was planned from the beginning, as He voluntarily laid His life down for you and for me. Easter is not the story of  God clenching victory from the jaws of defeat. Easter is the illustration that God always has a plan and that it will always come together.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Kiss the Son

Read: Psalm 2

As we draw toward Easter, it is precious to reflect on what the Bible has to say about the sacrifice and triumph of Jesus. In Psalm 2, we have a prophetic glimpse into that which is worth our attention.

I will not go into depth on this psalm at this time, I simply want to repose the question from verse 1.
Why are the people of the world trying such a futile thing, trying to remove the rulership of the Son? Why do 'Christian' churches trade the supremacy of Jesus for the supremacy traditions and personal authority?

Easter is a time for us to realize that all such rebellion is a waste of time. Jesus was opposed by Death itself, yet he conquered. When we try to resist Him by harboring secret sin or by following after our own desires, He will conquer yet! We, who are His people, should not resist His authority. He does not rule cruelly or arbitrarily, but rules with love - giving His own life for us. If we are not willing to follow an authority like this, it is because we will not follow any authority but our own. Our homage (or 'kiss', literally) to Jesus becomes a Judas kiss, as we only serve ourselves. In contrast:

"How blessed are all who take refuge in Him!" - Psalm 2:12a

Come back each day of this week for a reflection on a different passage, as we lead up to the celebration of victory.